A Look At Our Eclipse Shading Systems

June 23, 2020

The next generation of retractable shading has arrived and is available through Eclipse Shading Systems. Here, we will discuss the existing shading options and the benefits that come with adding an Eclipse Shading System to your home or business. 


Natural elements like a baking hot sun radiating UV rays or strong winds spreading light rain are common reasons why outdoor spaces are rarely used by homes and businesses. Most decks, awnings, and exterior living spaces do not come equipped with natural shade protection from these elements. Eclipse Shading Systems allows you to take full control over how and when your space is used while protecting you from harsh weather conditions such as intense sun, strong winds, and rainy days. 


Key Features


These high-quality retractable shades offer a series of additional benefits. For example, these screens can offer protection from things like insects, annoying glare from the sun, rising temperatures from sun exposure, staying dry with sudden rain, and protecting from damage to the furniture kept in this space. Eclipse Shading Systems ultimately transforms any living area exposed to the outdoors into a cool, relaxing space for spending quality time and hosting guests throughout the seasons. 


With Eclipse Shading Systems, several custom-made, professionally installed retractable shading systems are available. Options include:

  • Retractable deck and awnings
  • Retractable exterior screens
  • Retractable roller shades. 


With dozens of models and features available, Eclipse Shading Systems can accommodate the needs of many individual home and business setups. In addition to being able to choose what type of shading system is needed to match your outdoor space, there are a wide variety of customizable features that let you personalize your space to your liking. 


Customizable Features


Customizable features include maximum size, projection range, arm tension system and construction, motorized retraction, and much more. Available models can tailor fit various needs, including specific systems that address individual factors ranging from more rugged conditions, windy situations, stylish options, and basic sun protection. 


Even more, Eclipse Shading Systems have customizable style options that can perfectly match the specific taste of clients and the ambiance of most situations. The retractable shading models come equipped with options that let you choose between frame color, fabric material and color, cross arm projection, front drop shade width, and lighting. 


Additionally, various electronic options are available with all retractable awning models, including:

  • Wind sensors
  • Sun sensors
  • Rain sensors
  • Wireless wall switches
  • Multi-channel transmitters, 
  • App-controlled connectivity 


Eclipse Shading Systems offers retractable shades that can be mounted on nearly any surface, including walls, roofs, awnings, and more. The available options make Eclipse Shading Systems ideal for both residential and commercial use. 




Overall, Eclipse Shading Systems offer an elegant and fully functional shading solution for a variety of home and business needs. The wide variety of customizable models and features make these retractable shades perfect for accommodating the style and dimensions needed for every situation. Using Eclipse Shading Systems is the perfect way to take control of how and when you use your space.