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Wood structures in Nashville can help bring together an entire backyard paradise. From tying up hang out locations in your mini backyard oasis to finishing up your garden, a wood pergola or arbor are your best bets. The Covered Patio team can help you bring your wooden structure vision in Nashville into reality. 

Are you ready to complete your outdoor escape with a new wooden structure in Nashville?

Wood Pergolas Nashville

Originally, these were used to show off beautiful flowering vines including roses, honeysuckle, wisteria, and clematis. Nowadays we see pergolas used as a space that is out in the yard and away from the patio. An additional space to have fun in the sun or just to spend time together with friends and family.

Wood Arbors Nashville

Much like pergolas, arbors were crafted to help show off plants and flowers. Many arbors were used to help fruit trees stand tall with the use of a lattice on either side of the arbor. This was to help these fruit trees from falling due to the weight of the fruit they bared.