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Custom Wood Structure

A custom wood patio cover offers a plethora of benefits that elevate outdoor living spaces to new heights. Firstly, a custom wood patio cover adds a touch of natural beauty and warmth, seamlessly blending with the surrounding landscape. It provides shelter from the elements, shielding you and your furniture from harsh sun rays and unexpected rain showers. Furthermore, it extends your living space, allowing for year-round enjoyment and entertainment. The versatility of customization that we can offer ensures your new patio cover will perfectly complement your home’s unique style and preferences. Lastly, a well-crafted wood patio cover adds value to your property, making it an investment that pays dividends in both aesthetics and home value.

Custom Wood Arbiter installed by The Covered Patio

Wood Arbors

Much like pergolas, arbors were crafted to help show off plants and flowers. Many arbors were used to help fruit trees stand tall with the use of a lattice on either side of the arbor. This was to help these fruit trees from falling due to the weight of the fruit they bared.

From design to reality

We’ll work closely with you to design your project, handle all necessary permitting requirements, and oversee its seamless execution. Whether it’s bringing your vision to life or navigating through the complexities of permits, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.

Custom Rendering of a covered patio being planned for installation for The Covered Patio.

elevate your outdoor living with
beauty, shelter & added value

Our custom wood structures in Nashville transform backyards into paradises, offering versatile hangout spots and garden oases with patio covers, pergolas, or arbors. These additions not only enhance property value but also blend aesthetics with functionality. Let's collaborate to make your wooden structure vision a reality.





We’re a Nashville based outdoor living contractor offering fair prices, quality solutions, and exemplary service. Each project is as unique as your home is,  and we excel at planning and executing on the right outdoor living solutions.

General License Contractor License: 75907

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Frequently asked questions

A custom wood structure is not a one-day process. In fact, in may take several weeks to months to design, permit, and build. Some of our wood structures are built at the same quality and finish as your home, and you hopefully recall how long that took to build. Rest assured, we are committed to setting clear expectations for your project and maintaining transparency throughout the entire process.

Yes we do. If you have a business that can benefit from a woods structure, we offer all of our outdoor wood solutions to businesses. We will work hard together to keep your guests happy in the outdoors.

Our offices are in Murfreesboro, TN, but if you’re in the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area, you’re within a one hour drive and we will be happy to quote your project. If you’re close to that area, reach out and we will see if we can accommodate our make a recommendation for you.

We understand that your initial choice of company may not have met your expectations, or that weathering over the years has necessitated repairs. That’s okay—our team is here to help. We’ll work diligently to fix any issues and provide recommendations to enhance your existing outdoor living space, making it even better than before.

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