Add More Livable Space With A Screened In Porch

June 30, 2020

Building a living space that perfectly blends the desirable indoor and outdoor components of a porch can be tough sometimes. During every season of the year, nature presents barriers to quality time outdoors. These obstacles include insects during warmer climates, strong winds and rain, the bright rays of the sun, and leaves or pollen during transitional weather months. A screened in porch offers an easy solution to these problems. Here, we will discuss the benefits that a screened in porch offers for your living space and how this simple addition can transform how your space is used.


Porches are designed so that more time can be spent outside during those days when the weather permits. Almost everyone wants to spend more time outdoors, but it can be difficult to sustain these activities without a screened in porch. With the annoyances of insects and allergens, a perfectly good outdoor space can become unusable at the flip of a switch. 


Benefits of a Screened In Porch  


Whether you’re having a meal on the porch, enjoying a relaxing day with the family, or entertaining guests outdoors, a screened in porch will protect this valuable space from losing its strong appeal. A porch is simply an extension of any home’s living space, and it would be a shame to see this space go to waste.


Not only is a screened in porch an attractive option for any living space, but it’s also very affordable. It is often the case that the porches that come equipped with a home are already designed to support the addition of screens, making the process that much easier and affordable. 


The size and design of the screens can be customized to accommodate the dimensions of any porch as well as the individual taste of the homeowner. With a variety of options for screen fabric, homeowners will have a hand in choosing the right fit for their individual needs. 


Even more, homeowners will also get to select the more technical aspects of the screened in porch. Options include choosing between gear or motor operated screens with retractable screens and choosing between cable or side channels to prevent certain screens from blowing with the wind. Other options include deciding between screens with zippers and those without zippers. 




Regardless of the screen style that is ultimately selected, adding a screen in porch offers the perfect solution for a variety of individual needs that any homeowner may have. Whether this includes protection from wind-resistant solar, insect control, or strong UV rays, a screened in porch has you covered. 


Overall, a screened in porch is an easy way to add a second living room to any home, increase the value of the home, and create a relaxing, nature-proof outdoors space that is perfect for hosting guests. One of the biggest benefits of owning a home is being able to spend time outdoors on the property whenever you want to, and a screen in porch allows you to take full advantage of that benefit.