Advice On Building Your Custom Pergolas, Gazebos, and Fixed Awnings for Carports

June 15, 2021

Your car is an investment in transportation for you, your family, and anyone else who relies on it to get them from A to B. It is easy to understand why further investment in protecting it while it is being unused is important to maintain its value.

The best way to properly ensure your car has the security, support, and highest retaining value it can is to find yourself adequate coverage for your carport to better protect it.

Carport Customization

A carport is a convenient physical structure with different degrees of overhead coverage options that keep your car secured from top to bottom.

Different types of covers can provide varying levels of benefits, security, and visibility. Things to consider while choosing a proper carport cover are:

● Protection from rain, snow, etc.
● Coverage from the sun.
● Ease of transporting your car in and out.
● Etc.

Below are a few different types of covers for your carport and how they can help your specific needs.


Pergolas are usually wooden-built covers held up by four beams and ensure coverage over the area they reside over. Some can be made by brick as well, but these options are a bit more costly. There are no side panels in a pergola, so individuals who want security on all four sides of their carport as well as on top should consider other options.

Pergolas are stylish, simple to construct and provide a more open type of coverage for your carport. They can protect cars from harsh sunlight, rain, snow, but lack the barriers to stop the wind, visibility, and other concerns.


A gazebo is a more solid structure that incorporates a raised roof, side barriers, and can be modified to contain screens for wind and pest control.

As a carport cover, gazebos can offer superior protection to water and wind due to the raised roof and gutter to drain excess water build-up as well as screens to minimize wind. They also better protect against sunlight by providing secure shade for your car, and they have open paneled barriers on all sides to limit visibility.

Fixed Awnings

Fixed awnings are types of overhead protection that can be used over a carport, garden, and many other areas surrounding a big physical structure like a building. The awning extends from the building and can easily cover your carport from rain, sunlight, and fallen trees.

There are two types of fixed awnings, fixed fabric awnings, and fixed aluminum awnings.

Fixed Fabric Awnings

Fixed fabric awnings are non-retractable awnings that incorporate a sturdy, resilient, and water-resistant fabric to stop harsh weather from harming your vehicle. Although they are resistant to the elements, fixed fabric awnings may be vulnerable to harsh enough winds.

Fixed Aluminum Awnings

Fixed aluminum awnings are also non-retractable awnings consisting of strongly applied aluminum material to provide the most security for your carport. Attached to a building, these aluminum awnings block the sun, rain, fallen objects, wind, and last for a very long time.

Considering Your Options

If you are in the market for a cover to protect your carport, consider the following things while making your purchase:

● Budget.
● Needs.
● Local weather patterns.
● Style.
● Theme.
● Accessories.

The Bottom Line

Pergolas, gazebos, fixed aluminum awnings, and fixed fabric awnings are all great covers for your carport that offer varying degrees of protection, benefits, and style.

Depending on your budget, weather patterns, and desired aesthetic, finding the right carport cover doesn’t have to be as complex as it seems. Many options can accommodate your requirements after you find what makes sense for you.