Choose The Color For Your Screen Enclosure

October 20, 2020


So you’ve decided to get your screen enclosure, but with so many color options you may feel overwhelmed. If you don’t know which color to choose, that’s okay! It’s a big decision and you shouldn’t take it lightly.


You need to consider what the best color would be for you and your home. Pick a color that makes you happy, while also complimenting your house’s color so it blends in with the aesthetic of your home perfectly.


The Mood You’re Trying To Capture


When you sit on your patio, how do you want to feel? The color of your screen enclosure can impact the overall mood of your patio space. Brighter, vibrant colors can make you feel happier and more energetic while darker colors give you a calmer environment. 


When looking at colors, make sure you know what mood you are trying to capture. If you want to play games or be active on your patio, you’ll want brighter colors. If you plan to relax out there, darker or less vibrant colors will work best for you.


How Much Sunlight Do You Want?


The color of your patio can also affect how much sun will pour into your patio. If you want a lot of sunshine, silver will reflect the light, causing it to be very bright on sunny days. If you’re not a huge fan of the sun, or you plan to look at a lot of screens on the patio, a black or darker color would work best as those colors absorb sunlight.


Make sure you take the factor of sunlight into play when considering what color you are looking to get for your screen enclosure. 


The Color Of Your Home


You also need to consider what color your house is before making the decision of what color to make our screen enclosure. You don’t want to pick a color that will stick out from the aesthetic of your home. If your house is red brick, try to find a color that will compliment it such as green, red, or white.


Yellow brick, white paneling, gray stone, these all have colors that would compliment each other nicely. If your house is made of paneling, you could consider painting it, and if you are looking at a specific color of paint to use on your house, make sure you are planning ahead and picking a color for your screen enclosure that will work best with your home’s new look.




It’s hard to decide what color to make your screen enclosure, but with this knowledge in mind, hopefully, it’s easier. There’s a lot more to it than simply what your favorite color is. You need to plan ahead and decide what the color of your patio will entail.


Think about how much sun you want in your patio, what you’ll be doing in there, and more importantly how it will look against your house. Taking all of these factors into consideration will help pick the perfect color for your screen enclosure.