Create A Backyard Getaway With Screen Enclosures

November 4, 2020


So you have a patio, but you can only ever enjoy it when the weather is perfect. You can’t enjoy your patio when it’s too hot, too cold, raining, snowing. What’s the point of having it when you have to rely on the elements around you to enjoy it?


This is why you need to make an anytime, four-season friendly, backyard getaway using screen enclosures. You need a private area outside you can enjoy your mornings, afternoons, or nights in peace.


The Benefits Of Screen Enclosures


There are a plethora of benefits to adding screen enclosures to your patio. It’s not only going to be an improvement to your house but an improvement to your life. You’ll be able to go to this sunshine-filled place in your home for a multitude of activities.  


Read a book, have a snack, play cards, do some work all in the comfort of your new backyard getaway. Rain or shine, your enclosure will support you and allow you to enjoy your patio whenever you want, regardless of the weather.


Getting so much sun will make you feel so happy and peaceful, even going out there every morning to enjoy a cup of coffee will improve your overall mood.


Make It Your Own


Screen enclosures are easy to install and won’t break your bank either. Every enclosure is custom made to fit your needs and your home perfectly. The aluminum framing will hold against corrosion and warping thanks to it’s baked on finish that protects it from the outside elements.


There are plenty of design options for you to make when considering how to build your new space. You can choose from plenty of colors to ensure it compliments your home nicely. 


If you want to keep the rain away from your home and patio, you can consider installing gutters or rain spouts on your screen enclosure to carry the water away and keep you and your home dry during storms.


You can have kick panels added to your screen enclosure to keep dirt, grass, or any other debris from getting into your patio so it stays clean. If you ever decide to turn your screen enclosure into a glass patio enclosure in the future, install the laminated wall panels, so you can easily upgrade your patio at a later date.




With so many great benefits and a multitude of options, why haven’t you already created your backyard getaway with screen enclosures? 


Once you make it your own with all of the customizations, you’ll be outside every day on your patio doing everything you enjoy. Whenever you have guests they’ll enjoy it so much when you host them out there, and even when you’re alone you’ll find it so much more relaxing and fun to enjoy your favorite activities from the comfort of your private outdoor space.


No longer will you have to worry about rain or shine when you have a screen enclosure around your patio. The best part about owning a home is getting to enjoy spending time on the property, and there’s no better way to do it than to have a screen enclosure on your patio to make the perfect backyard getaway.