Fixed Fabric Awnings vs Fixed Aluminum Awnings: What’s Best For You?

September 23, 2020

If you are unsure what to choose between fixed fabric or fixed aluminum awnings, then stick around. We’re going to do a quick comparison of the two and give you a good idea of what to choose. Your choice may be dependent upon some personal preferences you may have. 


No matter which one you choose, one thing is for sure: awnings keep you cool and make your patio stand out better than ever. If you are looking to upgrade your patio with the perfect awning, then you’re probably faced with a difficult choice. To help make it easier on you, let’s explain what each type of awning is and compare how they stack up against each other:


What Are Fixed Fabric Awnings?


A fixed fabric awning includes a metal frame, durable fabric, or a slat cover made from aluminum. Fixed awnings are attached in a fixed position (hence the name) over a doorway or window. The benefits of these types of awnings are pretty impressive, so here’s what to expect:


  • They are sturdy and stay in place most of the time
  • There are plenty of styles like dome-shaped, concave, quarter round, etc.
  • Perfect for residential patios and doorways, but great for commercial buildings
  • Comes in a wide variety of sizes and widths.
  • Fabric comes in plenty of colors and designs

What Are Fixed Aluminium Awings?


As mentioned before, fixed awnings also come with a slat cover made from aluminum. Like their fabric counterparts, these awnings are fixed above a doorway or window. The only difference is that aluminum wins out in the battle in the durability department versus fabric. 


Another thing where it beats fabric is how it handles the weather. Obviously, when precipitation is in the area, fabric can easily get wet and will be hard to dry. With aluminum awnings, they are resistant to rain or snow (and therefore does a good job weatherwise). 


However, the one major downside to fixed aluminum awnings is the price tag. If you have the extra cash, then you should have no trouble choosing these types of awnings for your patio or home. 


Which Is Best For You?


If you are looking for a good budget option and want something that is durable and easy to install, then fabric awnings are right for you. However, if there are days when the weather might take a turn for the worse, you’ll need to roll up the fabric to ensure it doesn’t get ruined by the rain. Plus, it might cost you a bit of money to replace the fabric itself.


Aluminum awnings might work best for you if you want something that will resist all kinds of weather, but you won’t mind the extra time for installation. If you are willing to spend extra, then they can be a pretty good choice as well. Plus, they tend to last longer as well. 


In the final analysis, fixed aluminum awnings are best for you due to its durability, reliability, and giving you better value for your patio and home.