Get Summer Ready with The Covered Patio

March 22, 2021


Summer: everyone loves it. From the hot sun to the cool breezes, all the way down to the days at the beach, there’s really nothing to hate. All we can really find to complain about on a hot summer day is one thing- a too-bright sun.


Sometimes, although you’ve been missing the sun all winter, you just want to get away. Sunbathing out in the summer glare is good sometimes, but at other times you want fresh air without the sunburn.


So, without further ado, let’s talk about some of the ways you might escape the sometimes-overbearing summer sun under a covered patio.


Retractable Awnings

Probably one of the most coveted choices, retractable awnings provide versatility so you can decide when and where to get your sun. Feeling a little sunbathing? Push a button, and your awning will fold right up. Want to have dinner on the patio? Get the shade you need to really enjoy yourself. 


Retractable awnings are also great because you can roll them up to avoid damage. Other awnings might experience wear and tear during storms, but a rolled-up awning will stay mostly protected. An awning is a long-term investment.


Screen Enclosures

If your patio is already covered by a roof, perhaps it could use just a little more protection. Screen enclosures are so great because, in addition to shade, you get protection from bees, flies, and other pests. So say goodbye to the days of swatting and bug spray- you’ve got an enclosed patio. 


Screen enclosures are so simple to put up and can be built in a jiffy. Don’t be afraid to call and get a quote on a screen enclosure- you and all your friends will be thanking you for it for as long as you’ve got it. 


Patio Covers

They’re what this article’s named for, and there’s a good reason for that. Patio covers are the most durable, comprehensive solution to the problem of too much summer sun. Why get an awning for a place you’ll never want to sunbathe on? Patio covers provide round-the-clock shade. 


Patio covers are great because they’re never going to wear out on you. Conforming to the structure of your house, patio covers make the most of permanent materials to give you a permanently shady spot to have fun in the summer. Read a book, look at the clouds, or just lounge around on a cool covered patio. 


Window and Pergola Shades

For the deck that already has a roof, you might consider window and pergola shades. Not only are shades easy to use and convenient, they’re stylish too! People aren’t used to seeing shades on decks, so you’ll be able to stand out. 


Window and pergola shades will give you a rest from the sun without taking away from the overall beauty of your porch. If you need a moment to just sit and relax, you can be sure a good shade will give you that without all the fuss of a permanent cover.