Get Top-Notch Quality in Room Enclosures Only With The Covered Patio

December 2, 2020


Is the sun too much for you or is your patio not shaded enough? If you’ve ever sat outside on a hot and sunny day, you know just how annoying the blazing rays of the summer sun can be. Who wants their summer cookout ruined by a poor environment?


If this sounds like a struggle you’ve endured far too many times, then you’ll want a cheap and easy solution. The Covered Patio can provide the top-notch quality service that you need at a great price. And the best part is that these top-of-the-line products look great in your yard!

What does the Covered Patio offer?

The Covered Patio offers the best room enclosure that money can buy – we stand by that statement in the same way we stand by our product with a long warranty. 


Made from the Four Season Building Products, the wall and roof panels are made of low-emission material, allowing your home to be more energy-efficient and slow the progression of heat. The one-year warranty on these roof panels gives our customers peace of mind that their home and family will be protected for the long run.


The wall panels are made to offer both a ceiling and wall enclosures. With the choice of 24, 32, and 48-inch widths, this is one option you don’t want to miss out on.

It is just for the summer months?

Our room enclosures are not only meant for summer use. The room enclosures also slow the progression of cold and can make your patio usable during any season of the month. The low-emission coating plays a role here as well, keeping the heat inside the patio area and slowing the progression of cold.


If you want a nice place to sit outdoors in the winter, or cooler, months, then you’ll want to consider adding a Covered Patio enclosure to your house. 


Will it look good in my yard?

Of course, the Covered Patio isn’t just a functional product – it’s also a stylish addition to your outdoor entertaining space. Your friends and neighbors will be delighted to sit outside and avoid the pesky mosquitos that invade on gorgeous days. 


On top of that, the Covered Patio is sure to add value to your home by creating an expansion of your entertaining space. Future buyers will know that they’re investing in a backyard with a four-season entertaining area for parties, family gatherings, or quiet date nights at home.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a patio enclosure to add to your house, then you’ll want to consider the four-season Covered Patio option. This amazing enclosure will keep you cool when it’s hot out, warm when it’s cold out, and stylish as can be. 


On top of all that, our product is sure to add value to your house simply by creating additional outdoor entertaining space. And the Covered Patio enclosure looks great in your yard!


If you know you’re looking to add a Covered Patio to your house, then you can check out our website and/or call one of our representatives to tell you more about our product at 615-649-7757.