How To Protect Your Home From Bugs With The Covered Patio

October 28, 2020


Do you have problems with bugs getting in your home all the time? Are you constantly swatting flys away or getting caught in spider webs? Are moths constantly swarming around your lights in the living room?


It sounds like you have some problems with letting bugs into your home. If you have a patio that you spend a lot of time on, you may be letting in hundreds of bugs and not even know it. Because you go in and out through the door, every time you open that door, tiny little friends are following right behind.


It’s because your patio or windows are open to the wilderness around you. It’s allowing the outdoors to get into your house, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can enjoy the great outdoors and keep bugs from entering your home when you use The Covered Patio.


Getting Rid Of The Problem


The issue you are having is bugs have a direct way into your home every time you open the door to your patio or open a window to let the cool breeze in. This is because your patio and windows are open and available for all bugs to enter at will. If you want to get rid of the problem you need to cover your patio and windows to keep away all the creepy crawlers. 


The Covered Patio gives you options so you get the best choice for you. You can have a screen enclosure installed around your patio or screens placed around your porch or windows. This will allow you to enjoy the summer breeze without bugs coming into your home.


Putting an enclosure around your patio is a great solution. You can keep the patio closed off so insects can’t get in. This will keep you safe from mosquitos and flys annoying while you’re outside and on top of this, since they can’t get into the patio, they won’t sneak in when you open the door to your home.


When you open your windows and you have a screen installed by the Covered Patio, the screen will allow the fresh air in, but keep the bugs from flying in through your windows. It’s a great solution if you prefer feeling the breeze in your home over air conditioning, but still hate it when bugs are flying about in your house.




The Covered Patio is here to help you get rid of that pesky bug problem. Whether they are getting in through your porch or windows, the best solution is to have The Covered Patio help you out. Their screens will make it so you can enjoy the air, but filter the bugs out. It’s the best of both worlds!


If you are having problems with the creepy crawlers, consider having The Covered Patio solve your problems. You won’t regret it, and you’ll be enjoying the outdoors and a bug-free home in no time!