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Insulated Patio Covers in Nashville

Has the blazing sun stopped you from your Nashville outdoor activities? The sweltering heat can drain you of energy, keep you indoors, and leave you without enjoying your time outside. Find relief from the heat with a Four Seasons Building Products patio cover.

Solid Insulated Covers.

Four Seasons Building Products’ insulated patio cover cores are manufactured using expanded polystyrene technology. This manufacturing process has been recognized by architects around the world for its superior insulating characteristics and it gives you complete protection from nature’s elements. The insulated core, housed by two heavy gauge aluminum layers, provides superior protection from the outdoor heat and reduces sound created by heavy rainfall.

A fashionable addition to the insulated patio covers is the Illumaview Natural Light System. These optional natural light panels allow moderate amounts of light under your patio cover. The patented design interlocks seamlessly with the insulated panels. The polycarbonate materials used in these panels are impervious to discoloration or cracking, and they filter the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Finally, insulated patio covers provide the perfect roof line should you plan to build a room enclosure at a later date. Simply add walls, windows, and a door to transform your patio cover into a
room enclosure.

Roll-Formed Covers in Nashville

An additional option for solid shade covers are the Four Seasons Building Products roll-formed patio covers. Engineered for durability and strength, Four Seasons Building Products roll-formed patio covers and carports are trouble-free and provide simple solutions for shading your home.

Riser Pan Covers. With Riser pan patio covers are manufactured from heavy gauge aluminum or alloy. The riser pan cover’s design is sleek and seamless for a flat ceiling.

“W” Pan Covers. The W-Pan covers are engineered with the latest roll forming technology to expand farther than any other solid patio cover on the market using less support columns.

Design Options We Offer in Nashville

Using lattice components allows you to dress up your patio cover and is applicable to all Four Seasons Building Products patio covers. Choose from four different end cuts.


Combination Covers in Nashville

Are you torn on the patio cover you’d like for your home? You like the idea of solid shade for some areas, but the thought of partial shade also seems appealing? Choose to have both. Four Seasons Building Products patio covers are designed to give you versatility. Combining Elitewood lattice and a solid patio covers is a popular choice for many homeowners.



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