What’s The Best Solar Screen for Your Patio?

September 15, 2021

The sun shining onto your patio during the summer months can cause great compromise to the enjoyment you get from spending time outside. A great option to minimize this risk is to build a screen enclosure for your patio. The best screens available, solar screens, can nearly guarantee the sun will not cause you frustration while in your outdoor space.


Although there are many different types of solar screens, depending on what feature is most important to you can be a huge thing to consider while shopping around.


Things like:

  • Do I need the maximum amount of heat resistance?
  • Do I want decreased visibility inside my patio during the day?
  • Do I want the blockage of the heat to detract from my patio view?
  • Am I looking to make the most energy and cost-efficient in my choice?


After asking yourself these questions and finding the most accurate answers, you’ll want to know which screen checks all your boxes.


The Different Types


Here are the different types of solar screens available and a description of their features:


Solar Screens With 80% Filtration


Solar screens with 80% filtration are suitable for most patios in many areas of the world. These screens allow a decent amount of light into your patio space with the clearest view while looking out of it. If you live in a temperate, humid, or even tropical climate, then 80%-screens would be the best bet.


Solar Screens With 90% Filtration


Solar screens with 90% filtration minimize the most heat inside a patio space. The only catch is that they decrease the amount of light that can enter as well as the visibility while looking outside of your patio.


These are perfect for people who don’t care too much about viewing their yard, want the most privacy from passers-by, and reduce glare on screens while spending time in their patio space.



After choosing the solar screen that works best for you and your needs, finding out the different colors available can also be important. The biggest difference between color choices for your screen is less about the amount of heat that is blocked but more about the visibility while looking into or out of your patio area.


The best color for those who wish to enjoy the view from out of their patio would be the darker variations like black or brown. Screens that are lighter in color like grey ones minimize your ability to see outside clearly because your eyes tend to focus on the screen itself.


Solar Screens also help to protect against UV damage to skin, fabric, furniture, and anything else inside of your patio area.


The Bottom Line

Solar screens are the most efficient way to create a patio enclosure that blocks bugs, increases privacy, and most of all stops the heat from scorching you and your family.


The two different types available are solar screens with either 80% filtration or 90% filtration. The latter blocks the most visibility in and out of your patio and keeps the most heat out.


The most widespread and best choice for most homeowners is the 80% solar screen which creates a great balance of privacy and heat blockage in most climates.