What’s The Best Type of Awning For My Patio?

August 10, 2020

Nothing beats a warm summer night with the family sitting on the porch or patio. The sun’s last rays hit you at just the right angle and the temperature is perfect. However, making sure you have some basic protection from the sun can make the experience much more enjoyable. 

This is where the Covered Patio comes in to help you relax in peace. We want to help answer the common question of “which is the best type of awning for my patio?”

Understanding Your Options 

Before we dive into the specific options you have for patio coverings, we first need to understand the options you have and why you should consider them> getting a form of covering installed on your home is relatively painless and will allow you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors more than ever before.

The right awning or patio cover is something that provides both protection from the sun and many other elements. You can even pair some options with mosquito nets to keep everything but the great weather out of your space. 

Awning Options 

Retractable Awnings 

Easily one of the most popular options, the retractable awning has been around for many years. As materials get stronger and technology advances, we now have very durable retractable awnings that can even be electrically operated.

NuShade is a premier producer of retractable awnings and is well-known for their durability and reliability at a great price point. You have the option to get a retractable awning installed on a back porch or even a front patio to give you protection wherever you need it. The retractable awning is perfect for those homeowners who value their shade but also want the ability to have more weather exposure when desired. 

Fabric Awnings 

If the retractable awning is designed to offer your home some shade and protection, then the fixed fabric awning is designed to add some style to the home. These awnings come in a wide variety of styles and colors so there is at least one option that will perfectly compliment your home. 

Get a few of these awnings installed over your windows to make the house pop and get a nice bit off cooling offered by the newly added shade. Fabric awnings are what takes a home from average to incredible with just a simple piece of cloth. 

Patio Covers 

The last and most substantial addition you can get for your home is a fixed patio cover. This option gives your home an entirely new look and feel with many benefits to be had. Getting a patio cover allows you to grab a comfy chair and great book to enjoy the weather with maximum protection. 

A fixed patio cover will add a place for you to enjoy the weather while still having all the protection your home needs year-round. These fixed options can be styled to match your home and will make it look even better when you are looking to sell.