Need Some Patio Ideas? We Can Help

January 23, 2023

Enjoying the outdoors need no longer be a challenge for the elements thanks to the modern patio. Whether you’re looking for a place to enjoy your morning coffee or entertain friends and family in your backyard, a patio is a great addition to any home. With its open design and customizable features, a well-constructed patio can provide both practical benefits, as well as aesthetic appeal, making it perfect for all occasions.   

By opting for an outdoor living space that keeps you safe from the sun, wind, and rain, you can get more out of your time spent outdoors while avoiding difficulties that come with fluctuating temperatures. Get ready to bid farewell to bad weather days! With the right patio design, you’ll always have the perfect spot to unwind regardless of what Mother Nature may bring. The Covered Patio has many different patio options to choose from including screen enclosures, room enclosures, patio covers, and lattice covers to fit whatever style you desire!   


Screen Enclosures   

Do you want to enjoy all the niceties of the outdoors while remaining behind a screen that blocks out all the nasties? Consider adding a screen enclosure! Screen enclosures are the perfect addition to any home. They’re economical, and quick to install, and The Covered Patio can design and custom-build it to suit your needs. Screen enclosures are great for entertaining guests and are the perfect place for an al fresco dining experience! The Covered Patio uses Four Seasons Building Products for our screen enclosures, so you can expect quality materials, expert workmanship, and a transferable lifetime warranty! The aluminum framing is impervious to the elements, so it is corrosive and warp-free.   


Room Enclosures   

Do you want an indoor-outdoor room you can use all year long? A Four Seasons Room Enclosure is perfect! Like a sunroom, you can use it all year long but it’s more energy-efficient. Four Seasons Building Products are well-known for manufacturing some of the most energy-efficient rooms on the market!   

No need to worry about costly energy bills, because the room is designed to block the transfer of heat. The walls and roof panels are made with a highly dense material called expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is a material that is impervious to the effects of seasonal weather. The windows are made with Low-E (low emission) glass, which boasts a microscopically thin, transparent coating that reflects long-wave energy (aka heat). It keeps the room warm in the winter and cool in the summer! Room enclosures are housed by heavy-duty aluminum framing paired with thermal breaks and a resin-based material that blocks the exchange of heat, so you can rest knowing that your Four Seasons Room Enclosure will be ideal for relaxing and hosting get-togethers no matter the season or the weather.  


Patio Covers  

Patio Covers are great if you want everything the outdoors has to offer—but without the sun. You and your friends/family can keep nice and shady under a patio cover! Four Seasons Building Products’ insulated patio covers are manufactured with polystyrene technology. The insulation of the patio cover will protect you from the outdoor elements—blocking out the sun and the heat and keeping you dry when it rains. The insulation also helps dampen the sound of rainfall, so you can enjoy your porch in the rain without losing your hearing.   


Lattice Covers  

The Covered Patio can also build a beautiful lattice cover for your backyard patio! We use Four Season Building Product’s Elitewood Lattice covers which are specially made to have little to no maintenance. You’ll be able to enjoy your lattice cover knowing it won’t warp, crack, or split, and can rest safely knowing that it’s termite and fire-resistant! The super durable, totally weather-resistant material closely resembles the natural beauty of real wood minus the upkeep associated with wood. Our lattice covers are customizable with many different colors and styles to choose from.    


As the weather begins to warm up, thoughts turn to outdoor relaxation. Now is the time to start planning a new patio so you can enjoy your backyard all summer! Contact The Covered Patio today for a consultation!